The conference WEEF/GEDC will be promoted in the way of the Sustainable actions, including the paperless conference to avoid the paper documentation provided.
Proceedings and information documents will be electronic, and all the distribution will be online. Conference program and contents will be provided as a mobile device application (and inside the website of the conference as well) electronically distributed for the organization and planning of events, meetings and conferences.

Only accepted and author registered for each paper will appear in the proceedings if the final paper and copyright have been uploaded before the deadlines.

The conference proceedings including all presented papers will be submitted to IEEE Xplore® which ensures a wide dissemination of this valuable work. Once accepted and published, other indexing services evaluate conferences and independently determine what they will index.

The copyrights of the papers are transferred to IEEE (except if it’s entirely the work employees of the US or a crown government).

Handling of Non‐Presented Papers

Authors are expected to attend the conference in person (or online if the presenter can not be attending face-to-face the conference) to present their papers and share their ideas. If a paper is included in the proceedings distributed and is later identified as a non-presented paper, it will still be included in the proceedings delivered to IEEE. However, it will be flagged as “no-show” so that the paper will be archived but will not be indexed or appear in IEEE Xplore. But, the copyright of non-presented papers is still retained by IEEE – an author cannot submit the same paper to another conference or journal for publication. However, authors can submit elsewhere an expanded version of this paper, but prior to this, authors would have to request permission from IEEE Intellectual Property Rights department using RightsLink

Once permission is granted, authors can then expand on the paper and submit to another publication.